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Left Hand Brain Function

A person who uses mostly the left brain is verbal and processes information by analyzing and putting things in chronological order. When a left brain person has an idea, they will process and dissect it. The left brain person is thought of as the logical thinker. This style of thinking will look at the details and pieces first and then the whole picture.

The left brain controls the right side of the body. These individuals rarely use hand gestures and body movements to express their feelings and will remain contemplative. Usually if a left brain person needs to answer a question they will not let feelings get in the way. They are slow to making decisions and their logical and analytical mind will leave no stone or detail unturned. They are not easily hypnotized due constant brain activity and a skeptical nature. They like to weigh the odds before coming to a conclusion. Left brain people are very verbal and prefer learning by orderly and organized methods. They love focusing on words, numbers, and symbols. Long lectures and detailed manuals will stimulate learning abilities for a left brain thinker. They love to learn anything that is factual, detailed, precise, mathematical, or scientific. A left brain type is quick on their toes and are the inventors of all types of trivia. They are organized, strategic, and practical in nature.

The best way a left brain person can learn academically is to have everything orderly and structured. If a left brain has to think freely without a system it can sometimes cause confusion. The left brain type thrives on a plan, and prefers well defined assignments compared to open ended ones. In fact, a left brain person will spend hours designing something, for they love making detailed lists and plans. They also enjoy tracing or copying pictures and filling in details.

The left brain individual is often rewarded for their behavior. He or she is apt to follow rules and regulations without questioning them. As well, the left brain thinker has an internal clock and is great at keeping track of time and therefore rarely late. They most always will listen to what is being said and will rarely interrupt a speaker. Sometimes a left brain individual might need encouragement to get them to participate in a conversation or group discussion. Usually you can receive a left brain thinkers input if there is a chronological order to the conversation, for example like taking turns. The left brain type is not a free speaker and does not enjoy crowds. Although they will be very attentive during extended verbal speeches and explanations, anything that is detail oriented.

The left brain individual can easily memorize facts but usually only remembers things that are specifically studied. They also need total quiet and no distractions in order to study or learn. As well, when working they like to take one project at time and do not like to be distracted but like to remain focused with the task at hand. When a left brain thinker is trying to resolve a problem, they think much better when they are sitting down and everything is quiet.

Left brain individuals are the builders of technology of our future. People who use their left brain are very good at working with numbers making them skilled in mathematics, algebra, and science. They are great at forming strategies, rational thinking, methodical aptitude, and very competent at sequencing ideas. You will often find these individuals deep in a some type of research book or special project for hours on end. Although the left brain individual is not a carefree thinker you will be surprised at the many ideas they come up with. They have a huge supply of information and love collecting resource books. As well, a left brain person does not enjoy summarizing but is very proficient at organizing almost anything and will spend a lot of time collecting data.

The left brain person prefers one on one communication and is very uncomfortable around large crowds. These individuals are very serious types and are fond of long thorough conversations. The left brain person does not enjoy joking. Yet good therapy for a left brain person would be to laugh a little and not work so hard.

Occupations associated with a left brain person include banker, bacteriologist, judge, lab technician, lawyer, librarian, mathematician, meteorologist, music critic, or scientist.

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