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Resources and legal help for Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Survivors

Brain Injury Lawyers & Your Legal Rights

Brain and Spinal Cord.Org is happy to assist you in your search for the right law firm to handle your brain injury cases. If you or a loved one has experienced a brain injury due to the negligence or criminal action of someone else you are entitled to compensation for your medical expenses and other expenses that occur as a result of the injury.

Finding a good lawyer can be challenging, especially when you are under emotional stress stemming from a recent brain injury or perhaps even the death of a loved one from such an injury. When it comes to winning personal injury suits, knowledge and experience can make the difference between winning adequate compensation or coming away empty-handed. A knowledgeable, experienced brain injury lawyer will guide you with understanding and compassion through the process of seeking compensation and will be best able to get you an appropriate amount of compensation.

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Why Seek Legal Action?

Brain injury from a traumatic injury is a major cause of disability in the United States. Every year over 1.4 million people receive a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Nearly 50,000 of these people die from the injury, while another 230,000 people survive, but must be hospitalized, generally for a lengthy period. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke estimates that over $56 billion is spent annually on care for brain injury patients in this country. Today, an estimated 5 million Americans have some form of disabling condition due to a traumatic brain injury. These people will continue to need medical care and some forms of personal assistance throughout their lives.

Young men between the ages of 15 and 24 are most likely to experience a traumatic brain injury. Vehicle accidents, sports accidents, and work accidents account for most of these injuries. People over age 75 are also at higher risk for a TBI because they are more prone to falling than the general population. Children under age 5 are also at higher risk for a TBI.

Sometimes, of course, an accident is just that, an unavoidable, unpredictable incident. Unfortunately, all too often, accidents are due to someone else’s negligence. Careless driving and failure of employers to adequately provide for the safety of their employees are two examples of negligent behavior that can lead to a TBI.

If you or a loved one has been brain-injured due to someone’s neglect, a competent attorney can help you receive financial compensation to cover the numerous expenses involved. Numerous expenses occur while caring for a brain-injured person; some of which you may not even realize at first. Financial compensation awarded in a court of law is aimed at covering these expenses:

• Hospitalization
• Medical care throughout the person’s life
• Caregivers at home
• Rehabilitation
• Counseling and Psychiatric care
• Lost wages
• Expenses not covered by existing health insurance
• Travel expenses for medical care
• Various support services for the injured person’s family
• Funeral expenses

A qualified brain injury lawyer will help you get compensation for these expenses and others related to your injury. If you are considering seeking compensation, be sure to keep all receipts for expenses related to your injury, as well as all of your medical records. The lawyer will need these to base the case on.

Many people worry that they will have to spend hours in court if they file a personal injury or wrongful death suit, but the lawyer will take care of most of this. Your prime role when you file such a suit is to provide detailed, accurate information to your attorney. He or she will handle the rest of the case.

Types of Lawsuits

You can file two types of lawsuits in a brain injury case: personal injury and wrongful death. A personal injury case generally requires that the person who has received the injury file the suit, but in some cases, your family may be able to file suit if you are not able to do so.

The family of a brain injury victim who died from the injury can file a wrongful death suit. Compensation in a case such as this will generally cover lost wages, hospitalization, and funeral expenses. A financial award for pain and suffering experienced by the family may also be included.

Keep in mind that statutes governing brain injury lawsuits vary from state to state. Each state has its own statute of limitations—the length of time allowed for suit to be filed after a brain injury has occurred. A qualified brain injury attorney will guide you through all the rules applying to your state. Even if you feel that you are not ready to file a suit, consult a qualified lawyer as soon as possible so that you will know your options.

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