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Resources and legal help for Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Survivors

Peter Webb

i was expose to cs tear gas on july 18,2000 when i was in a texas prison in beaumont texas and from that date i been experiencing pain problems and i also been experiencing psychiatric problems like voices of people i know and i just found out on internet that men and women of the iraql war is now experiencing pain problems and depression from the same cs tear gas and the f.d.a did a recall on the same tear gas i and the people of iraql was expose to and the f.d.a did it,s recall on 4-28-2009 but to prove my facts i was expose to the toxic gas 9 years before the f.d.a did the recall also the men and women of the iraql war was expose to the same tear gas on 1-10-2009 which was 3 or 4 years before f.d.a did it,s recall and now that i been out of prison for 2 years and the statute of limiation has run out on me who or what can i do and what lawyer will take my case on the grounds i was experiencing brain damage and psychiatric problems all from the tear gas that now has been documented by our f.d.a that was consider to toxic at that time also special doctors has been handling the men and women of the war and they all is now documented as having brain damage by doctor fleckenstein who say they suffering from lower level of n-acetyl-aspartate in the brain which is lost of brain cells in the basal ganglia which cause depression and pain problems and yes i am experiencing the same symtoms  and i been suffering for 10 years and i believe that our army people do deserve the best care but what about me ? don,t i deserve the same treatment and should receive some kind of compensation because i been suffering for 10 years. so please will some one help me with a good lawyer.

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