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Resources and legal help for Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Survivors

Shane Conner

Hmm how do I start? I was 24 yrs of age. just recently got married found out my wife was pregant, and my work schedule was 2 16hr days 1 8hr. day than 2 16's than an 8 than 1 16 yr day, I was on a 6 and 2 rotation with work. I was just a yr into my job after getting medically discharged from the Army due to a back injury that I devoloped has a kid?. I was Happy with the direction my life was going. All's I remember from my accident was waking up in a Rehab Hospital and going home a month later. My wife informed that and after seeing the skid marks that a Bud Light truck swerved off the Highway and struck me in the rear of the car. The police found my accident has a no fault accident? there was no investigation done no Drug testing or anything pretaining to the driver that hit me. I had the stop sign and he did not, the car behind me said in the report that I made a Complete stop, the oncoming cars said that I did a stop n go and pulled out in front of him. I have pictures of the truck's skid marks in which it shows them on the Shoulder of the road in the direction that I was going. I awoke from the rehab and asked what had happened, the sad part about this is I dont think it phased me, and I knew I was thirsty and had to drink a thick liquid, that didn't last to long, I found my way to the bathroom and turned the water on that way, I guess I ripped out the tube they had in my throat. I went through therapy on walking, writing, and other small stuff they had me do, it was about a month that, I told myself I had to go, and get back to work, so I was informed that I needed a babysitter at the house and was informed not to let me do anything strainious, LOL, I did what I felt I could do, i didn't want to be babied, with this said it was about a month in a half I was feeling better and the work's comp wasn't paying anything and or enough to support me and the family, we had a 4 yr old at the time. So the only way I was able to go back to work is with a Doctor's permission. so I went to 2 different docotor's, informed them of what happened, and in return they released me to go back to work. From that point on it seemed like every 6 to 9 months I went through a cycle of ignorancy in which i was hateful and mad, sometimes upset. It has been 9 yrts since the accident and this past year seems like I have been getting worse, within myself, I feel just there, zoned out, and when I am at home I dont want to do anything, if it wasn't for my wife and kid's i would be a vegtiable. because I feel like i an just going through the motions. I feel like I have progressed to the point where I am not going to progress anymore. I feel emtionless, empty, and not really a care in the world sometimes. but when i am at work, I know what I want to do but cannot overcome the barrier that I feel is blocking me. my memory is getting worse, before I could remember stuff that happened a couple days ago, now I can remember what really took place 20 mins ago. I am very thankful and fortunate that I am not suffering like other TBI victims. My Heart go's out to the one's that have more problems than I. thanks for letting me get some of my story out, the stuff I remember.

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