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We cannot thank you all enough for taking the weight off the most horrific time in our Family and carrying it to the end. We could not have had a better firm than Newsome Melton. You all deserve a gold medal daily for all you do.

William Dickens and Family

Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries or trauma to a person’s spinal cord can cause a host of problems from minor chronic pain, to debilitating physical limitations, or even paralysis. This website provides information for spinal cord injury survivors about the various types of spinal cord injuries, resources for families and caregivers, and information about legal options for pursuing funding for care.

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Brain Injuries

When an individual or family member experiences a brain injury, it is a life changing event. There are a host of questions that need answers. Questions about treatment, recovery, prognosis, care, and funding. This website was developed to help families answer these questions.

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Latest Blog Articles

Read the latest blog articles about Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries, Rehabilitation, and legal information that can help you.
How Heroin Addiction Reshapes the Brain

Using heroin can damage many of your organs and body systems, including the brain. Long-term opioid use, including heroin addiction, can cause physical changes to multiple regions of the brain....
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Doctors usually prescribe benzos for short-term use only.
The Long-Term Effects of Benzodiazepine Addiction

Doctors usually prescribe benzos for short-term use only. Chronic benzo abuse can impact your life and health in many ways, including: Depression and anxiety. With chronic abuse, these drugs can...
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Types of Brain Injuries Caused By Heroin Addiction

Heroin is toxic to the brain with every single dose. Even when a person does not overdose, every time he or she takes heroin, the brain receives an injury. There...
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By focusing on a relatively few number of catastrophic injury cases, our firm will always give you the care and attention you deserve.

We limit our practice to only the most serious injury cases involving brain injury, spinal cord injuries or death. Because we help only clients with the most serious injuries, we don't have a “volume” practice, like other law firms who take anything that comes in the door. As our client, you will know and work directly with us, your lawyers - not just a legal assistant or paralegal.


Our firm has a track record of jury verdicts for brain and spinal cord injury survivors.

Our firm has received the highest peer review ratings because we win cases - not just through settlements - but in the courtroom and in trial with juries and judges. With a proven track record of litigating serious cases against big hospitals and corporations, the other side knows we have the financial strength to go the distance.


No up-front costs or fees whatsoever unless we win your case.

Through trial, a typical case will cost in excess of 150, 000 for things like expert witnesses, depositions, filing fees and exhibits. And this is in ADDITION to the attorney’s fees. Most families can’t afford to pay fees or costs so we handle most of our clients on a contingency fee basis. This means we front all of the costs and get paid from a percentage of the recovery. And if we lose (which fortunately only rarely happens), you don’t owe us a dime for fees or costs.

We've helped brain and spinal cord injury survivors and their families recover millions for care and treatment.
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